Chris Leslie, a two-time recipient of the BAFTA Scotland (New Talent) award for photography and documentary filmmaking, is the visionary behind Journey Productions.

We specialize in crafting compelling corporate and documentary videos that resonate deeply with audiences. Our portfolio spans the globe, from Rwanda to Shetland, serving a diverse clientele in both the corporate and third-sector realms, as well as broadcast platforms.

At Journey Productions, we assemble a seasoned team led by Chris Leslie, comprising esteemed industry professionals with a diverse array of talents and expertise. From Director of Photography and Editing to CAA Licensed Drone Piloting, Copywriting, Steady Cam Operation, Eye Direct Interviewing, Colour Grading, and Timelapse Photography, our collective skill set ensures every project’s success.

Our ethos goes beyond merely capturing stunning cinematic visuals; we prioritize elevating the human element and storytelling in our work. With a steadfast commitment to a documentary approach, we seamlessly integrate characters and narratives, delivering impactful video content that resonates authentically with audiences. This commitment to authenticity has been ingrained in our approach from the outset and remains our guiding principle.

  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Aerial Photography and Film
  • Campaign Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Broadcast Productions
  • Photography
  • Social Media Campaign Films
  • Copy and Script Writing

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